Great Transatlantic Cruise and New True Crime Book Released

Our recent cruise was great since we had an opportunity to visited Ireland a place we hadn’t yet visited. Of course we had to lean back and kiss the Blarney Stone just outside of Cort, Ireland. Our ship docked in Cove where the Titanic made its last stop before heading across the Atlantic. Our ship followed in the path of the Titanic. Fortunately our voyage wasn’t interrupted by icebergs however hurricanes were our only problem.  We were forced to take a southern course which prevented us from visiting several additional ports. We were so fortunate to meet so many seasoned travelers and enjoyed hearing about their adventures of cruising around the world.

We disembarked in New York and spent four enjoyable days seeing many of the tourist attractions in the big Apple. We visited the 9-ll museum which was an emotional experience you will never forget. We did the usual pilgrimage to the Empire State building and marveled how they were able to build it at the pace of one floor per week. Then we strolled through Central Park and discovered hidden treasures along the way. Of course, one evening was spent taking in a show and were delighted to see the Carol King musical titled Beautiful.


The cruise also gave me time to finish up my latest book Best of the Best DA which highlights some of the highly skilled prosecutors taking on criminal cases which were thought to be impossible to win. These were stories I have always wanted to tell the public. Some crooks know how to beat the criminal justice system by killing off or threatening the witnesses. It takes tenacious prosecutors who ‘think outside the box’ to build a case that ensnares the outlaws. These are untold stories that the public needs to know about. This book is part of the DA Delta Force series which highlights various members of the infamous DA Major Crimes Division. It allows you the reader to see how the Mexican Mafia and the hardcore gangsters can finally be brought to justice.

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