The public has a picture of a homicide detective as someone who has an exciting job in pursuing of the bad guys and building rock-solid evidentiary cases against them. The detectives are often seen at news conferences explaining to the public that they have been able to apprehend a killer and the community can now feel safe at night. With the advent of Forensics and all the publicity from TV CSI programs, the public has been lulled into the belief that detective work is a fun job with instant gratification.
However, in reality detective work is anything but exciting and rewarding. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about detective work in his Sherlock Holmes series of books. His character, Sherlock Holmes, describes detective work as follows: “There is nothing more stimulating than a case where everything goes against you.” That is a true statement about real detective work. Detectives have to be able to pick themselves up from dead-end clues. Detectives can’t be easily discouraged. Holmes went on to say, “A genius is one who has the infinite capacity for taking pains. It’s a very bad definition, but it does apply to detective work.” In other words, a detective has to be tenacious and accept the fact that not every clue will lead to a pot of gold.
This book follows in the footsteps of the Detective Powell who experiences one discouraging set back after another. He never lost sight of his mission which was to find the real killers. He was faced with clue after clue which he had to evaluate whether it was worth following. Over time and after many discouraging false starts, he tracked down one of the killers but the second killer seemed to be elusive. Detective Powell had learned to think outside the box and his perseverance eventually paid off.
What makes this homicide case so personal to readers is that it could have occurred to anyone. Every woman can relate to the victim’s wife, Lorie Rawlings who was waiting at home for her husband, Christopher Rawlings, to come home from work. She was preparing the dinner table; her one child was playing downstairs while her other child was sleeping in her crib upstairs. Lorie was living the good life in their luxurious home in the exclusive area of Woodland Hills.
In an instance her perfect life turned into a nightmare as her husband pulled his Bentley into the garage. When she went to check on him, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She glanced into the garage she saw her husband on his knees on the floor of the garage. There were two robbers with guns pointed at her husband. These two men were dressed in black clothing with ski masks covering their faces and gloves covering their hands.
As Lorie quietly closed the garage door and stepped back into the kitchen, she was overcome by fear and panic. What should she do? Should she try to call the police? Should she run out the front door to escape? What should she do about her two young children?
This book follows Lorie and discusses what she thought was prudent to do. Some readers will admire her actions while others will criticize her foolish reaction which resulted in the demise of her wonderful husband.
This homicide case is like none other. What seemed like an ordinary Residential Robbery in the San Fernando Valley turned deadly in what was thought to be a perfect crime. Detective Powell didn’t give up even though most of the clues lead nowhere. His TENACITY was what solved this bizarre murder case which was full of twists and turns that would leave anyone else’s head spinning in disbelief.